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[endurance] Drought Resistant Pastures

Cheryl Newbanks (cnewbank@cris.com)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 17:21:30 -0400 (EDT)

I live outside of Phx AZ and am currently constructing a 3 acre mini ranch.
I would like to do rotation of pastures on 2 of the acres for minimum
turnout, mostly feed consumption. But the problem with watering a pasture
that large in the desert is VERY costly. So I've been looking for
alternative grasses that are drought resistant and nutrious. I read an
article on Buffalo grass a long time ago and remember that it was very
drought resistant (anyone else heard of buffalo grass?). I figure if I could
get away with watering 1 time a week in our high temps then I could afford
it. Any ideas on grass types for Equine endurance horses and mares and
foals? I would very much appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Cheryl Newbanks
Buckeye, AZ