ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Equitana tickets & airfare from SJC

[endurance] Equitana tickets & airfare from SJC

Thu, 11 Jul 1996 11:20:04 -0700

Excuse the not-exactly-endurance note, but a friend really
needs to sell at least one (possibly both) of his air tickets
and entries to next week's Equitana horse fair.

Air travel is from/to San Jose, Calif, departing 7/18 AM
and returning 7/22 PM. Approx. $360.
Also available are Equitana entry ticket(s) and special event
ticket(s); entry is $50, event is $25 (approx, he didn't have
the flyer on hand).

If interested, please contact Ed Okulove at 408/265-0796.


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