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[endurance] Fireworks 30/50 rides

Thu, 11 Jul 96 09:08:58 -0800

>From: "Stasia Hurley" <Stasia_Hurley@cypressres.com>
>Date: 10 Jul 1996 10:06:49 U
>Subject: [endurance] Fireworks 30/50 ?

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AM > OFFICE MEMO Fireworks 30/50 ? Date:
7/10/96 >Hi,
>What does anyone know about the Fireworks (CA) ride on the 20th as far as
>footing goes?

I've done this ride several times. The footing is excellent! The trails
range from deep sand near the start and finish, to some rocky single track
trails. The ride is on hardpack roads and forest trails, traveling amongst
giant trees. The coastal trails are very good, no sharp rocks, but the
weather can sometimes be a problem. It will generally be warm in the
afternoon at camp but very cold and windy at the lunch stop which is in
view of the ocean. Also while ridiing up in the hills it can get very warm
and humid.

The terrain is not especially challenging so you should be able to
complete this ride in good shape.
Raymond Santana
Network Operations
UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA