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[endurance] lmf feeds etc

karen clanin (kclanin@fix.net)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 08:00:50 -0700 (PDT)

MF Endurance G was NOT formulated to put weight on a horse !!! It is to be
used to help make more energy available to the WORKING distance horse. If
you want to put fat on feed FAT. Yes you can feed fat for energy, and yes
some horses will get fat on a high energy feed. We have one that can gain
weight by eating dirt, they are called easy keepers.
As for the amount of molasses in the LMF causing crazies, b--- s----. You
can prove this very easy. Get a jar of molasses, now add 1 teaspoon a day
to your rice bran. Try this for a week and see if the crazies come back.
Bottom line is your horses' health and will being is YOUR responsability!!
Don't feed something just because someone else is. Read, read, read and
learn and observe, get to know YOUR horse(s) and their needs. Know what to
feed and when, make small changes as need's change.

atascadero ca.

( I'm very lucky to have someone to care for my horses, thanks karen )