ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Feeding beet pulp

[endurance] Feeding beet pulp

Gail Lawson (glawson@lr.net)
Thu, 11 Jul 96 06:10:08 EDT

Does anyone have experience using beet pulp as a supplement to a diet
that includes gain, pasture and hay? I understand for a racing horse
5-6 pounds daily can be fed--but I don't know if the 5-6 pounds is
before it is soaked or after. For a working horse, how does this
energy supplement effect the system? I've looked for info on this but
it is hard to find. How does this compare with rice bran and are they
comparable supplements?

Also, as a supplement for a retired senior (30), who is on senior gain
(4 lbs day), pasture, and hay (which he doesn't want to eat), how much
beet pulp could be used? This fellow has not-so-perfect teeth and
wads hay (his teeth are worked on regularly) and has lost substantial
weight. He likes the beet pulp and is getting 1 1/2 lb/day--how much
more would be reasonable?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you. Gail. glawson@lr.net