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Re: [endurance] disunited canter

Thu, 11 Jul 1996 01:45:13 -0400

enjoy your stories....have another question for you; what causes
cross-cantering or disunited canter and how can it be fixed? My horse cross
canters real bad on a circle especially to the left. He doen't do it in the
straight. He did fall a year ago in the pavement on his right hip and was
lame for a few days and another time on the longe line when he got to excited
and was running and bucking he suddenly became very lame and the vet at the
time said he pulled a muscle in his right hip. Yesterday I had Dr. DeRock and
acupuncturist treat my horse and said he was sore in his hips. I'm sure sore
hips does effect his cantering, would appreciate any of your thoughts on this
problem. Thanks again Linda and Egypts El Sareei.