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[endurance] August International News

Richard K. Stewart (76147.1145@compuserve.com)
10 Jul 96 23:02:45 EDT

by: Lori Stewart

10th Anniversary of FEI World Championship Competition
A Look Back

YEAR 1986 1988 1990 1992

LOCATION Pratoni del Front Royal, Stockholm, Barcelona,
Vivaro, Italy Virginia,USA Sweden Spain


GOLD Great Britain USA Great Britain France

SILVER USA Canada Belgium USA

BRONZE France France Spain Spain



SILVER USA USA Great Britain France

BRONZE Germany USA Australia USA

1994 den Haag, Holland. Team Gold: France, Silver:Spain,
Bronze:Australia. Individual Gold: USA, Silver: France, Bronze:France

Interesting Statistics:
-The final vet check for the 1986 and 1988 World Championships was 10:00 am
the following morning. Sleep? Who needs sleep? We're endurance riders!
-The United States has won all the Individual Gold medals to date: 1986:
Cassandra Schular/Shiko's Omar; 1988, `90, `92: Becky Hart/ RO Grand Sultan;
1994: Valarie Kanavy/Pieraz.
-No country has been in the Team Medals every year. France is the closest
with four (2 Gold and 2 Bronze) followed by the USA with three (1 Gold and 2
- Only one country has been in the Individual Medals every year- USA
-The USA leads the world in the Individual Medal count holding 8 of the 15
total followed by France with three.
-France receives the award for most improved country as evidenced by their
placing only twice in the medals in the first three World Championships and
then winning Team Gold the last two years and picking up 3 of the 6 individual
medals in the last two years.

Who's Running for the Medals in 1996

The National Federation of a country (for the United States it is the AHSA)
must notify the World Organizing Committee of its definite intention to send
competitors to participate in the event at least 8 weeks before the event is
due to begin. The deadline for Entries in Principle has been reset from June
15th to July 15, 1996.

To date (as of June 26th) the Organizing Committee has received the following

Australia France Qatar United States
Brazil Germany Romania
Canada Great Britain Spain
Chile Ireland Sweden
Denmark Italy Switzerland
Finland Norway United Arab Emmerits

Please note that the World Championships may very well have more entrants and
that any of these may "modify" their plans. It is exciting to see a
significant number of "new faces" on the list of countries: Chile, Ireland,
Qatar, Romania, and the United Arab Emmerits. Evidence that the sport of
endurance riding continues its rapid growth around the world.

Calendar of and Events and Deadlines

April 1
Selection of the Long List of 36 horse/rider combinations. Valarie Kanavy as
World Champion competes by invitation. Need a quick review of the Long Listed
Riders? I did too. They are in alphabetical order: Jerry Barfield, Diane
Bickers, Russell Broussard, Jim Brown, Kim Chrislieb, Lynda Corry, Melissa
Crain, Shirley Delsart, Audrey Gehrig, Debi Gordon, Clydea Hastie, Heather
Hoynes, Don Jacobs, Linda Johnson, Danielle Kanavy, Chris Knoch, Ona Lawrence,
Lois McAfee, Bonnie Mielke, Carrie Miracle, Susie Morrill, Pat Murray, Patti
Pizzo, Jim Rogan, Steve Rojek, Cindy Simcox, Marcia Smith, Joyce Souza, Dennis
Summers, Holly Ulyate, Chrisie Unser, Nina Warren, Rani Williams, Lori
Windows, Jan Worthington, Genie Wunderlich.

July 15
Entries in Principle must have reached the organizing committee (OC). By this
date the national federation of a country must notify the OC of its definate
intention to send competitors. This date was reset from June 15.

July 22
Long Listed nominees must have completed a Demonstration Ride of 100 mile in
one day at weight under FEI standards.

August 12
Evaluation Period of the Long Listed riders ends. All rides a nominee has
attended have been observed by a selector or a selector's representative from
April 1 until August 12.

August 12
SELECTION OF THE ENTRY LIST. The World Championship squad of 12 horse and
rider combinations and a list of 12 alternates will be named by the Selectors
based on a nominee's past record and performance during the Evaluation Period.

August 15
NOMINATED ENTRIES must have reached the OC which includes a statement of the
number of competitors and horses the national federation (NF) of a country
intends to send together with a list of the names of competitors and horses
from which the Definite Entries will be chosen. The number may not exceed
more than twice the number listed in the Definite Entry. For the USA as host
country the number is 24. For all other countries the number is 12.

August 26
The Chef d'equipe with the assistance of the Team Veterinarian and the
Selector's Chairman will name at least two alternates who will be requested to
travel to the competition.

September 10
DEFINITE ENTRIES must be submitted to the OC. This is the final selection of
competitors and horses that will travel to the event. After the Definite
Entries have been sent in, substitutes of horses and/or competitors may only
be made with the express permission of the OC, and not less than 2 days
preceding the beginning of the event.

September 12
USA Team horses arrive at the Roesler Farm, USA Team off site base camp.

September 14
Portions of the event trail open for riders and Chef d'Equipes to preview and
USA Team welcome dinner tentatively planned at the Days Inn team

September 16
World Championship headquarters open for Trade Show set up.

September 17
World Championship headquarters open for move-in of riders and authorized
personnel (stables not open).

September 18, Wednesday
The FUN begins!! Trade show opens, the American Festival of the Horse-
Demonstration begins, the stables open at headquarters for move-in of horses,
and the first veterinary examination of horses takes place.

USA Team horses are moved from the Roesler Farm site to the World
Championship headquarters.

September 19, Thursday
Opening Ceremonies, American Festival of the Horse continues, Welcome
Barbecue, High Plains Art Festival begins.

September 20, Friday
Trade and Art Show along with the American Festival of the Horse continue.
Preride Veterinary Inspection takes place.

September 21, Saturday

September 22, Sunday
Awards and Closing Ceremonies
World Championship Banquet and Ball.
Trade and Art Shows- Closing
Team shirt and pin swap between countries- Unofficial but fun!

Time To Make Your Plans

Don't procrastinate any longer. Let Chuck Gray know you are coming to the
World Championships and book a hotel room if you need one. Even if the rider
you were planning to crew for doesn't make the team, plan on coming to Kansas.
Your expertise is important and needed for the success of the USA Team effort.
Any riders not making the team will be a very valuable asset to the USA Team
given their level of experience. Please come!

Lodging information:

The Days Inn. Phone- 913-762-2727. Fax-913-762-2751. USA rooms blocked.

Liberty Inn. Phone- 913-238-1141. Located across the street from Days Inn.

International Committee Business

The updated AERC International Procedures Manual will be arriving to the
international membership in mid August. Contact Chuck Gray if you do not
receive your copy by September 1.

An AERC International Jacket will be available for sale at the World

It is time to think about running for the International Committee as your
zone representative. Nominations close in mid. November.

Marty Bauman

Gladstone, NJ--June 24, 1996-- The 50 Mile Endurance Championship at the 1996
GMC/USET Festival of Champions, June 23, was sponsored by the National Horse
Show Foundation and sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference. The
Championship turned out to be a family affair.

Danielle Kanavy, Fort Valley, VA and Firengold were the winners in a time of
4 hours 38 minutes and 20 and three tenths seconds, beating current Endurance
World Champions Pieraz and Valarie Kanavy of Fort Valley, VA, by only one
tenth of a second. Valarie, who came through the finish in 4 hours 38 minutes
and 20 and four tenth seconds, happens to be Danielle's mother. Valerie's
mount "Cash" was awarded the coveted Best Condition Award.

Danielle Kanavy is long listed for the 1996 Endurance World Championships to
be held in Junction City, Kansas, September 21-22. Valerie has received an
automatic invitation as the reigning World Champion.

The course for this event wound through the picturesque fields surrounding
Hamilton Farm and through the neighboring towns where people out for a Sunday
morning drive were treated to the sight of world class athletes in the heat of

Crossing the finish line in third place, a mere four seconds off the winning
pace was Joe DeAngelo of Stroudsburg, PA aboard Ramegwa Linus.


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