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[endurance] Management Awards

Nick Warhol (nwarhol@mscorp.kla.com)
Tue, 09 Jul 96 09:05:00 PDT

I think the International idea of a Best Managed horse is a good idea. It
can be used to promote the idea of good horsemanship, and would be a great
way to give the sport some more positive recognition in the eyes of
non-endurance riders. Who do you give it to? Here are a couple of ideas:

1- West region rider Mary-Ben Stover goes out to rides and takes along a
small herd of juniors. She has helped many young riders get involved with
the sport by teaching them the correct way to compete. (by finishing

2- My wife Judy Long took her spotted beast Warpaint to a fifty last month
for the sole purpose of getting through with no hoof or shoe problems. She
started 45 minutes after the start, and rode very slowly all day. She
wanted to finish in 11 hours, and did exactly that. Every ride has
examples of people who are out there for the purpose of getting their horse
through the ride in great condition, not going for the top ten.

3- The award could even be given to someone who voluntarily pulls their
horse at a point late in the ride. I remember once watching a woman (I
think it was Joyce Souza) pull her horse at mile 45 of a fifty because she
thought he was acting wrong. She had a great attitude, and was not
concerned with the ride, just her animal.

There are always stories about riders doing special things during rides
which could be recognized. One of my all time favorites was at the Lake
Sonoma fifty a few years ago. A rider fell off her horse, and both she and
her mount slid down the hill into the lake! A California rider named Robert
Ribley jumped of his horse, dove into the lake, and swam the woman's horse
across the lake to a place where they could get it out. It was a heroic
effort, and might not qualify for Best Managed horse, but perhaps he should
have gotten the Man-Of-The-Day award. Especially after he swam back across
the lake, got his horse, and finished the ride!

Nick Warhol
Hayward, Ca.

Shatta the large Spanish Arabian (who is recovered from his suspensory
Rowan the retired Arabian (who still likes to get out there and go!)