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Re: [endurance] Best Managed Award

Nikki Ward (u913558@student.canberra.edu.au)
Tue, 09 Jul 1996 15:10:43 +1000

>I think sponsoring such an award would be easy. But for
>management, it might be tough to decide and give out.
>For example, you could offer the award at the next ride,
>give the mgmt a bucket, good sponge and tube of electrolytes,
>and then suggest that the award be based on something simple
>- no heavy calculations for the over worked vets.

the award here in oz is based on something *VERY* simple - a completely
biased, no control, arbitrary decision by the vet. it will never have the
prestige of the fittest horse for this reason. but often at rides you see
some-one do something special, and it would be an easy decision to give it
to them. other times, well if the vet likes you and your horse, or doesn't,
it will be hard for them to keep that out of it, and you just have to accept
that. it *is* awarded by the vet, not the management committee, which may
remove some of the personality issues. and there are basic guidelines to
help make the decision, which i will dig out of my rulebook and post
tomorrow. sometimes there are even multiple awards, for the different
divisons, or for "best managed arabian" etc, or whatever, depending on the
sponsors. i don't think any ride committee is going to complain if you
donate a sash or trophy or prize or whatever.

nik & the gang (taaj, saki, dippy & sabe) in australia
Nikki Ward