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[endurance] Re: Feeding fat

Lewis Hollander (lewis@bendnet.com)
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 20:27:41 -0700

Horses can metabolize animal fat just as easily as vegetable fat.
Rice bran can not supply enough fat, it is a great feed but if you are
serious FAT PAK 100 is the way to go. The commercial Natural Glo etc provide
very little fat relatively and you always wonder what they use for filler,
it is the whatever is cheapest. Stay with real rice bran available from all
feed stores and real grains. Stay away from ALL commercial products. This
may not be popular but your horse will thank you. Add a little oil and if
you want to get serious use fat pak. Do not forget the sprouted oats.

Lew Hollander

At 04:44 PM 7/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Lew,
> I read with interest your article about feeding fat on the Internet.
>You had mentioned that Fat-Pak 100 is 100% animal fat. I have heard that
>horses supposedly do not utilize animal fat as well as vegetable fat which
>leads me to want to feed fat via rice bran, corn oil, etc. What are your
>feelings on this? And, do you know where rice bran can be purchased (other
>than Natural Glo)? Kim