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[endurance] Re: Tailing

Sue Cunningham (mdpyssc@fs1.scg.man.ac.uk)
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 13:49:46 GMT+1

Thanks for the replies about tailing, it really is what it
sounded like :-) Now, how do you train your horses to
do this? We walk/run with our horses, but only in front
or level with them. I think our youngster's first thought
if we grabbed his tail would be to disappear at high speed!

Since he is only a youngster (5) we are only trying to do
rides that will always leave him with plenty of go left -
so trying it towards the end of a ride when is his calmer
probably wouldn't help.

Pavements - yesterdays competetive ride was probably
about 40 percent 'pavement' and 20-30percent very
stony track - i.e lots of loose stones of all sizes. And
all on fairly steep hills. Definately the hardest ride we
have done. We were doing the 25, but some hardy souls did
the 42 mile class. If we had known it was like that, we would
never have takent the 5yr old. Still we got round with a
sound horse, and without time penalties (6.2mph) and
a pulse of 48 at the end, so we fairly pleased really.


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