ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Any riders in Portola Valley, CA?

[endurance] Any riders in Portola Valley, CA?

Fri, 5 Jul 1996 23:52:25 -0400


Last October, we were given a 7 1/2 yo Morab mare who knew nothing, had never
been shod, etc. Now, she has been under saddle for about two months, and I
would like to expose her to other horses for trail rides. She boards at Piers
Ranch on Alpine Road, so anyone from Web Ranch, Brandywine, Portola Pastures
and thereabouts who would enjoy the role of schoolmaster(s) would be great. I
have this wish inside that April will become a great endurance horse
someday.... but patience is key here.... e-mail or call (415) 494-8957.
Thanks. Liz