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[endurance] Re: Loose reins

Sullys Maze (Sully@forsythe.stanford.edu)
Thu, 4 Jul 96 10:28:38 PDT

[41502] MON 07/01/96 08:20 FROM nelsonde@ttown.apci.com "Diane E. Nelson":
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A cautionary note on this concept of going down the trail with "loose
reins". Many, if not most, of us use the 10' trail reins. When riding
with a totally "loose rein", these tend to drape awfully low and I have
had several experiences of near and real diasters from too loose a rein.
In the blink of an eye, a leg can get through the rein, be caught on a
branch/bush or, worse yet, another rider's stirrup.

-I agree, this is also a safety issue. All my reins are 8 1/2 ft,
this works well, especially since one of my mares is very short
necked. This is still long enough for them to get their heads down
to drink. I just ordered some nice round rope reins from Trails
End, I specifically ask for 8 1/2 reins. They turned out
really nice.

Diane @ Safe Haven