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Re: [endurance] The Quilty

Nikki Ward (u913558@student.canberra.edu.au)
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 12:20:06 +1000 (EST)

g'day linda,

wel i didn't write this, but as an aussie i can probably tell you how we
do it. best conditioned is the main award here too, worked out on vet
scores, time, weight carried etc etc, to a standard formula. i'm assuming
you guys do it the same way, though probably a slightly different formula.

best managed is not always awarded, it depends on the ride committee and
the level of sponsorship etc. it is essentially awarded by the head vet,
and there is no strict criteria for it. any successful completion is
eligible for it, time is not taken into consideration. it is basically
who the vet thinks, based on the horse's condition & performance, took
the best care of their horse on the day, riding within that horse's
limitations etc. it is awarded to the rider, not the horse (unlike the
BC). it can also be awarded to a rider who does something special to
overcome some difficulty and get their horse through unscathed. it is
basically given to some-one who the vet thinks really looks after their
horse, rather than treating it as a race, though of course it can go to a
front-runner too.

hope this helps,
nik & the gang (taaj, saki, dippy & sabe) in australia

> How is the Best Managed horse & rider team chosen? That is not an
> award that I'm familiar with here on the East coast of the USA. Best
> Conditioned is the usual award other than Top Ten & perhaps awards in
> the weight & breed divisions.
> Appreciate any info you can send. Sounds like the riding for the
> Quilty was great - a little of everthing this year to challenge the riders
> & horses!
> Linda Flemmer
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