ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] conditioning on pavement

Re: [endurance] conditioning on pavement

Sue Cunningham (mdpyssc@fs1.scg.man.ac.uk)
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 11:15:54 GMT+1

I think by pavement you mean standard tarmac type roads ? Pavement
in the UK is where the pedestrians walk and we certainly can't ride
on that.

On average a UK long distance ride will have 10-15 percent
tarmac/pavement, i.e. down roads with the traffic, sometimes
much more than this. Sometimes they have grass verges, often not.
It is very rare for UK riders to have access to bridleways without
having to do some roadwork. We are very close to bridleways, but
never-the-less have to do about 1mile on tarmac to reach them (
partly down a dual carriage way), so 2 miles per ride. Mostly
we walk out and trot back. I think over hear the general concensus is
that so long as it is a gentle trot, its not a problem. Personally I
would much rather be on tarmac than leaping from rock to rock
down some of our bridleways.


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