ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Egyptian Arabians

Re: [endurance] Egyptian Arabians

Mon, 01 Jul 1996 23:22:31 PDT

> Kitty writes:>
> > Joyce,
> > I don't want to dispute your remark concerning the beauty of Arabians - I own
> > four myself, but in addition, I own and breed Missouri Fox Trotters.
> > My own experience is that the Fox Trotter is more intelligent than any
> > Arabian I have ever handled. Every Arabian I've owned, except one, wakes up
> > in a new world every day. Every new experience, no matter how closely it
> > resembles something they've done in the past, has to be gone thru, from the
> > very beginning. MY fox trotters are more laid back, more adaptable, yet very
> > aware, not deadheads, just levelheads.
> > My two cents.
> > Kitty

Maybe your Arabians are smarter then you think. Your Fox Trotters
are not smart enough to take you through fun and games every
day, but your Arabians are having a good old time with you and
are getting away with it. They are not scared of the same old things
every day they are just spicing up the ride making you think that
they are scared. Now who is outsmarting who?