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[endurance] Re: endurance-digest V1 #515

Mon, 1 Jul 1996 22:35:21 -0400

I have an Egyptian Arab, gelded, now 10 years old, sired by El Shaklan.
He's level headed, but also hot headed. As long as he's not insulted by
my aids, he's fine; when insulted, he throws a fit; his fits are never
mean-intended and he doesn't try to hurt me, just tries to get his way,
which is helping me improve my skills. He is great on a trail and rarely
shies; has never shied and hurt me in anyway. All my hurts I've earned
myself. He's quite affectionate when I'm on the ground. Quite willing to
give me what I want as long as I ask properly. He's consistently kind
and gentle with children; only throws his fits with adults and only when
he gets excited from lots of fast, long riding. He loves endurance rides
and gets frustrated with me because he wants to go much faster for much
longer than my neophyte skills can comfortably manage. Usually when he's
mad, it's my fault. He hasn't done any stupid things yet. so, this is
one satisfied Egyptian owner. Rebecca

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