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Re: [endurance] ribbon color for stallion

kachina (kachina@ecis.com)
Mon, 01 Jul 1996 15:32:22 -0700

Tina Hicks wrote:
> At 11:19 AM 7/1/96, Wendy Milner wrote:
> This time, there
> >was a nice stallion in front of us (He had a red ribbon on because
> >the rider couldn't find a blue one. He said the stallion was nice
> >and did not kick.)
> =================
> I thought yellow was the color for a stallion's tail?? Have I gotten
> confused somewhere?
> Your probably right in the color ribbon for a stallion... but, overall,
I'd stay away from any RED ribbon with the understanding that all caution
should be taken around that horse. All other colors might not be

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