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RE: [endurance] Egyptian Arabs

Mon, 01 Jul 1996 15:38:19 PDT

> Anyway, romanticism aside, and American practicality to the forefront, if
> anyone with experience in Egyptian Arabs wants to support or object to my
> stable owner's opinion regarding the Egyptian temperament, I'd be very
> appreciative of hearing your opinion.

Our Arabian Stallion has alot of Egyptian in his pedigree and I have not
handled a more level-headed horse. He is not afraid of anything.

We were trying to cut out a bull out of herd of cows and he did not
want to leave. The bull headed into a small grove of trees and me
and my Egyptian Arabian went into the trees after him. Well this bull
had been chased long enough and was tired, angry, and was putting
his head down and pawing the ground, ready to charge us. It just pissed
off Astro, my stallion, and he charged the bull. At the last minute the bull
wheeled around to run from the charging horse and Astro bit him in the
rear end to make him move faster. After this confortation the bull gave up
and we drove him home.

We can ride this stallion around mares, in fact my husband rode him
bareback with halter and rope by a heated up mare and Astro didn't
even give the mare a second glance.

As far as this lady saying > ("I'd never have an Egyptian. Beautiful,
classic head, but haven't seen one yet that is level-headed. And I've never
talked with a trainer who has anything good to say about the temperament of
an Egyptian.") < Well, I am a trainer, in fact I have been riding and training
Arabians for almost 25 years and I would have plenty good to say about
the Egyptian Arabian, and also the Crabbet, Polish, etc.

My experience with Arabians and also other breeds of horses is that
all horses are individuals and should be treated as such. No two horses
are alike and to classify all of a certain line of horses as having the same
personality traits is unprofessional.

Take all of the post that you have received on Egyptians and show
them to this lady. Maybe she will see where she is mistaken.

Lynette Helgeson
Diamond-H Ranch
Arabians and Pinto Ponies