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[endurance] warm-ups

Greenall (greenall@vermontel.com)
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 15:17:36 +0000

There has been some good discussion out there re warm-ups but we are
not talking dressage here, but endurance. At home, I can ride on the
bit in the indoor and I can keep him in frame on the trail, but a
wired horse before the ride does not particularly want to hear about
those lessons ( that's why they give you an hour to warm up before
driven dressage) So, the nice horse at home gets excited and knows
what's up and what do you do? Getting him to relax and streach out
some muscles, go soft and round is the ideal, but I want to hear from
some riders who are able to achieve this before the start when
everyone is milling around. I have observed horses that are going on
a loose (not dragging, but not tight) rein just cruising alone
dispite the bedlam and not bothering much when the horse in front
stops suddenly. However, both of my horses don't relax and would
just as soon pass the stopped horse and there I am half halting for
miles ( on the Morgan it's a ten pound half halt!) I am envious of
those that can ride as if in a ring with the horse light on the bit,
etc. If you have a way to keep them light at the ride as described, tell all of
John and Sue Greenall