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[endurance] Stirrups

Virginia Goodman (PHA146@UKCC.UKY.EDU)
Wed, 31 Jan 96 20:01:02 EST

Hey. Diane Nelson write "she has a bad tendency to ride on the
outside of her stirrup." I've been riding bareback alot this winter
and noticed that my feet kind of cant to the outside naturally when
I don't have stirrups to support them. Then when I put the saddle
back on, I noticed that my feet want to do the same thing, even in
the stirrups. More curious, my knees didn't hurt. Got to thinking,
this could make a BIG difference 30 miles down the trail. Is it just
the way we ride (I was trained hunter/jumper), or the way stirrups
are made? Is there something out there that will let my leg hang
naturally? It's not just the width of the stirrup, it's the way it
hangs from the stirrup bar. Diane, maybe you're riding the way your
legs want to ride. Has anyone noticed the same thing? Thanks!

Virginia Goodman