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Re: [endurance] Rule of thumb

Karen Steenhof (ksteenho@eagle.idbsu.edu)
31 Jan 1996 10:58:41 -0700

In <199601311614.IAA17164@kaiwan009.kaiwan.com>, JOSEPH PETER UHLARIK JR wrote:
>Have you completely described the rule of thumb for how much training (in
>miles) to give a horse for endurance rides. I am referring to the one that
>one of you indicated was presented at an AERC gathering.

A rule of thumb has no complete description. As I said, not all miles
are equal (some are fast, some are slow, some are hilly, some are
flat, some are sandy, rocky, muddy, etc). I also agree with Stephanie
that individual horses require individual approaches.

It seems, though, that at least 3 successful endurance riders (Truman,
Stephanie, and myself) condition far less than 52 miles a week.

Karen S.
(whose horse's winter vacation is now getting longer than planned
because of the cold and snow)