ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Too Skinny--HELP!

Re: [endurance] Too Skinny--HELP!

Stephanie Teeter (step@fsr.com)
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 09:40:32 +0800

>> Karen, What are you training for with your rule of thumb of 30
>> miles a week? Would this be for completing 25's, 50's, or
>> being competitive at one of these levels, or what? Thanks, Lee

> Being competitive at 50's and doing some 100's as well. I'd be
> interested to hear from other folks as well. I first heard this
> "rule of thumb" at one of the first AERC coventions I attended
> about 10 years ago.

> Karen

We live in very hilly country so fewer miles go a long way. I generally
put in 20-30 miles/week when conditioning. Once my horses are fit and
competing, they get a week off after a ride, a week off before a ride
(except for a short mid week ride) and generally fewer, but faster,
conditioning miles to maintain their level of fitness. I have one horse
that I will be campaigning harder this year and will start introducing
more interval training, so I'll have to play it by ear as far as
miles and frequency. And then each horse is different. Some need a
more work than others to stay fit. Some burn out and drop weight
if excersized too often. Its an art I think!