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[endurance] HART Horse Trailers

Diane Mathews (dianem@hpbs2694.boi.hp.com)
Wed, 31 Jan 96 7:34:59 MST

> I spent a great deal of time studying horse trailers before I purchased a
> Hart. It has been over a year, and, if I had it to do over again, I'd
> purchase a Hart. Anyone wanting more information can contact me directly or
> Kenneth Hurt at Grandview Horse Trailers at 703-586-3590 in Beddford, VA
> (please tell him Genie said to call).
> GenieSS

As long as it isn't "inappropriate," it would be interesting to hear about
the differences between various trailers. Where i live, almost the only
trailers a person can get are built w/in a 60 mile radius. That seems
really odd to me, but what do i know? Here's a question: How easy is it
to get a trailer from across the country? Has anyone done it? I've been
assuming that it really isn't worth the effort (money). And another thing,
i'm really quite interested in hearing how well people's trailers hold up
on rough dirt roads. I could tell you what i've heard about local trailers,
but i haven't seen the mentioned by anyone else on the group so you may not
have heard of them.

Thanks for any info.