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Mon, 29 Jan 1996 19:56:53 -0500

My husband successfully competes (to FINISH) on a 15.3 seal brown QH. He is
"thorobred-like" - lean, longer muscle groups - no "bulldog look". His
biggest problem is overheating, perhaps because of his dark color. He has
great, ground covering gaits - 4-5 mph walk, 12 mph hunter trot, 20-22 mph
"road trot" and 22+ mph gallop. I'm not sure what his breeding is off hand -
his sire was an East coast/VA stallion named What's Eternal.

If he were a halter horse, he would weigh in the neighborhood of 1200 lbs.
At a lean working/racing weight, he is about 1000 lbs.

His first & only "hot weather" ride was the Old Dominion in 1995 - he pulled
at the 1/2 way stop - over heated w/ marginal recoveries. He may have been
allowed to continue, but it wasn't fair to the horse (& it wasn't going to
get ANY cooler or less humid). In cool weather rides, he is a BLAST to ride.

It took several seasons to convince him that moving out was ok - just try to
stop him now! His attitude is, "We go this way, for a LONG time, VERY FAST!"
If you are considering a QH - it CAN be done. Where an Arab may breeze
thru, a QH may need a slightly better horseman to do as well - but it is

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch/Blue Wolf Equestrian Supplies
Chesapeake, VA