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[endurance] Cabin Fever

Truman Prevatt (prevatt@mail.lds.loral.com)
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 10:35:13 -0400

Sick of the snow, then the rain and cold wether? Think it will never end?
Well ... think about a vaction with your horses in FL and start out the
season early at the FL Classic 25/50/two day 100 the first and second of
March. There are local ranches (we can put you in contact with them) where
you can come and camp before the ride (or after for that matter) and pre
ride the trails go to the beach or whatever.

The trail is a 50 mile continuous loop. This part of FL is not too sandy
and the footing is generally good. This should be a good tuning up ride
for the rest of the season.

And the weather in early March in this part of FL: low's 40 to 50,
highs 70 to 80, skys clear and sunny with gentle breezes. Late winter and
early spring in FL sports the lowest humidity.



The race is not always to the swift, but to those that keep running.

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