ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Re: New Arrival - tell me about your set-up

[endurance] Re: New Arrival - tell me about your set-up

Nikki Ward (u913558@student.canberra.edu.au)
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 11:04:22 +1100 (EST)

well congratulations! :-)

this reminded me of something i have been interested in asking for a
while, before i make the BIG MOVE and get a trailer of my own.

what sort of modifications, specifications, nifty ideas do you all have
to make your trailers/trucks/whatever more habitable? what are the
features you all consider necessary? what are the luxury features? what
is the best set-up you've seen?

the niftiest idea i've seen for a plain ole horse float (trailer to you
guys) is fold down beds. the padding on the side walls for the horses
folds down and bolts to the centre divider to make two beds in the float.

i like a soild to-the-floor centre divider so if you've only got one
horse in you can put gear in the other side safely. i want all internal
parts to be easily removable in case of an emergency. my float will be
fully-enclosed, with sliding windows for air. i want a door on BOTH
sides. a built-in tackbox in the front (of an extended-front float) is a
good idea, but i have yet to see a design for one i really like. a small
cupboard/box over the mudguards on the outside is a handy extra. an annex
is a great idea.

but i'm sure some of you guys have better ideas than me! how do you all
"live" at endurance rides?

nik & the gang (taaj, saki & dippa) in australia

> Diane & Kevin at Safe Haven are delighted to announce the arrival of our
> brand new....
> Complete with modified small living quarters and an awning! After 15
> years of sleeping in the back of a truck and being exposed to all mannner of
> nasty weather conditions, finally we can be "under roof". I know this
> isn't as neat as a newborn foal...but we're really thrilled just the same!
> Life is good today...
> Diane (snow sort of melted--to ice, oh well)