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Gwen Dluehosh (dluehosh@vt.edu)
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 21:04:19 -0500 (EST)

Have you all tried Dengie? I think that stuff is great!

It's steam/heat dried chopped hay packed like sawdust in those tight pack
plastic bags. A 40 lb bag will fluff up to over a 50 gallon trash can (you
know the big metal ones!) We feed that to our mares right after foaling
instead of breaking down and getting a lot of alfalfa- mainly because I
would rather feed a good grass hay or alfalfa mixed hay. Anyway, our 21 year
old mare beefed right up on it after getting a little skinny after this last
foal. It's got alfalfa, timothy, and I think orchard grass hay in it plus a
couple of preservatives that were on the order of the ones already
discussed-propionic acid??

I also keep it for stuff like BLIZZARDS where my hay pile gets buried- it is
actually great for feeding instead of hay when needed, and just a s rich or
richer. And you can scoop it, and the horses won't choke on it like i think
they will on the alfalfa cubes. It's a moist hay. AND well, the smell- it's
sweet as all get out.

Anyway, the horses like it, and I may use it more for rides when I don't
have a lot of space for hay everywhere.
Not INSTEAD of hay though.

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prevatt@mail.lds.loral.com (Truman Prevatt) writes:

> I sit down and did a calculation last year on the cost of fat using
> Natural Glo and cron oil. It turns out that the cost per gram of fat
> using corn oil is about 1/2 as using Natural Glo. This used grocery
> store prices for corn oil. If you bought it in bulk it would be even
> less.
> I feed some hay cubes (about one pound per day alfalfa cubes) and regular
> grass hay. I always soak the cubes. It doesn' t take long, only about 5
> to 10 minutes. In cool weather you can soak them over nignt. In hot
> weather I worry about them fermenting if soaked over night.
> I believe that horses do better if their diet contains long fiber, i.e.
> hay. I would not eliminate all hay - but that is my conversative opinion
> so take it for what it may be worth.
> Truman
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