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[endurance] Dubbing

Laura G. Causey (CAUSEYL@mail.firn.edu)
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 15:07:54 EST

Hi All,
I have a friend who is riding an Arab in his first year of c-
ompetition. He's been in three rides, finished all, no lameness or
anything. She has changed farriers twice. The problem is the horse is
rubbing off the front of his back hooves by hitting the ground with them.
The vet called it "dubbing." The vet has no idea why he is doing it, and
changing shoes and angles hasn't helped. She was using aluminum shoes, but
switched back to iron. Any ideas out there? The vet didn't try any kinds
of blocks, just watched him lunge and said no, he isn't lame. Any ideas
Laura Causey