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Re: [endurance] Pacing and other Lateral Gaits

Truman Prevatt (prevatt@mail.lds.loral.com)
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 15:40:51 -0400

>Pacing uses the muscles in a different way than trotting. That is why a dog
>that normally trots will often switch to a pace when it is fatigued. As
>pointed out some time back, it is hard - near impossible - to make a good
>judgement of soundness of an animal doing a lateral gait so distance ride
>can have trouble with it at checks.
I have actually had good luck with most of the vets in the Southeast being
able to tell soundness at a pace since Misty will do both a trot and pace
at checks (sometime one gait going out and the other coming back). The
grade has a lot to do with the gait she selects. She will almost always
trot on an uphill grade (even slight uphill) and pace on a downhill grade
(again even a slight grade). One the flat she seems to trot or pace
depending on the speed, excitment level (or what ever else is going on in
her pea brain).

The only time a vet has questioned her soundness was after she had stepped
in a rut and turned her pasturn. I told him to look at her close after
this had happened to see if he thought I should continue. It was a mile 30
in a 100 mile ride. She was just bairly off (I could tell that riding
her). If it had been at mile 90 would have walked in okay. I pulled her
and she was sore for a about week, so the vet was right and she recovered
shortly and was fine.

>Dog judges ask that a dog show his way of
>going at a trot because of this, also, and will fault a one that paces. (I
>don't know
>of a dog breed that has pacing as a standard way of travel in its breed
>standard -
>but there may be some).

I owned a German shorthair pointer that had two gaits, pace (even at a
walk) and run. I never saw her trot.



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