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[endurance] Re: Tevis

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 14:32:34 -0700 (PST)

Hi Roger,
Provided you have the horse,and proper conditioning, you can do the following:
(much abbreviated)
1. Write to the Western States Trail Foundation.They will give
you information about the (probable) trail, vet checks, base camp
access etc. If you enter the ride, you get a fairly detailed ride packet
with all of the information.

2. Get Crew: My best reccomendation is no more than three (experienced)
persons, two for the horse, one for the rider. There is always plenty
of volunteer help, but though kindly, may not be experienced. My crew
was made up of my sweetheart (who made sure I ate properly before, during
and after the ride) and friends Pat and Otis Gay. Pat is an experienced
endurance rider, and Otis a great horseman and stellar crew (for
Pat). Go through with your crew what you expect at each check, what the
hold times might be and how you like stuff done. (I can give you more detail about
the pitfalls of each vet check later). Meet at least a month before the ride
and go over this. Plan logistics.(I think this year we will take my big
trailer directly to Foresthill, and avoid schlepping it into Robinson,
Michigan Bluff).

3. Make sure you have at least two vehicles, one with the trailer, one
that can haul a trailer, go to the store etc. these vehicles should
all have been ****routinely serviced**** and in top shape.

4. Vet checks where there is no crew allowed are more than adequately
supplied by the staff.

5. ****Dont ***dawdle**** on the ride, make Foresthill before sunset so that you are
heading into the California loop with as much light as possible. Stick
with someone who has a consistant pace, dont rush into Robinson Flat (largest
percentage of pulls). Tail up Devils Thumb, dont sweat the small stuff. Your
biggest obstacles are going to be reaching criteria at Deadwood (hottest
part of the day), coming out of the canyons into Michigan Bluff, and maintaining
enough speed after dark to make the cutoff.

6. There are people who have done Tevis a zillion times, talk to them, get as much
advice as you can, but remember your experience with Tevis will be unique, and
no-one will be able to tell you exactly how it will feel.

I kept my map from '94, vets cards etc if you want me to forward them to you
let me know.

Happy dreamin!


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