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[endurance] English Hackamore

Kevin M. Pfoertsch (safehavn@po.fast.net)
Sat, 20 Jan 96 08:03 EST

I have used the State Line version of a hackamore (leather headpiece with a
stiffened leather noseband-did not find it in their current glossy catalog)
for several years for light hacking. Unfortunately, the D-rings which
attach to the noseband to attach the cheekpiece, etc. will pull out. The
leather covering on the nosepiece is very flimsy and degrades over time with
exposure to the weather--even with suitable "leather care". I had my
hackamore fall apart at a very inopportune moment (is there any other
kind?)--the D-ring just tore out and the bridle literally fell apart. Not
even baler twine could fix this one. I had it resewn, only to fall apart
again within a couple of uses. I bought a brand new one, thinking that the
original hackamore had gotten "old", and the new one disintegrated on the
second use.

If you have one that seems to be working for you, you might want to keep an
eagle eye on the stitching on the nosepiece. That's what will let go--and
an inspection of the construction will show you that on-trail repair may be
a little difficult with this version.

I have been using a Vosal for a year now--works great for the neck-reiners,
not so well for my mare who is relatively unschooled to rein subtleties.
Have not had significant rubs, get good "respect" without the need for a
heavy hand, and it doesn't interfere with eating and drinking. My mare
demands-not-prefers the Sleister variety--by keeping the chin chain very
loose, the shanks will fold back enough so that the horse can get her head
in a bucket.

Diane @ Safe Haven (in the very frosty East...brrrrr)