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[endurance] riding alone

JENNIFER H LAYMAN (Jennifer.Hixson@forsythe.stanford.edu)
Thu, 18 Jan 96 11:05:52 PST

>We both choose to trust in our higher power. If you spend your
>life living in fear of what -might- happen, you will have a really
>hard time living your life to it's fullest potential. There is a
>difference between "cautious" and "paranoid". Cautious is GOOD,
>paranoid takes something away from you.

Here, here!

I'm shocked at how many of you carry guns. I'm not opposed to guns,
but I'm scared to death of them and of hurting myself or a loved
one. I must assume that you who carry them have knowledge or
training on how to use them.

I have had a run-ins with weirdo's (fortunately never on horse back)
that could have developed into horror stories. However, my common
sense, and keeping my cool has lead me through safely. I believe
you need to take care of yourself, and be aware of your
surroundings, but I'm not much for living my life in a state of

I like the ideas of self defense classes. They can only be
physically and mentally healthy for yourself in addition to
assisting you if you're unfortunate enough to have an encounter. I
also like the idea of pepper spray. At least if I miss I wont kill
myself. I was actually planning on purchasing pepper spray, but
more of a concern for mountain lions than people.

It is sad that this issue has hit home to so many (me included), but
at least we have each other to learn from. Perhaps in this case
living in a metropolitan area is beneficial to me... The majority of
the crime is happening on the city streets not where I ride.

Jennifer Layman & Hoosannah (who I could always count on fleeing-
even if it wasn't my intention).