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[endurance] Re: traveling alone

Roger Garlitz (Rgarlitz@txranger.com)
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:49:20 -0600

I am most disturbed by the interest in the riding alone issue. It is a sad
state of the times. A 9 year old girl was just grabed in broad daylighe
about 3 days ago in Arlington tx. They just discovered her nude body today.

The natural instinks of a horse is flight. Avoid confrontations and let
your horse do what they do best, leave!.

Don't get into arguments, its not worth the risk, just get out of there.
There has been a lot of talk about the cell phone, all that will do is get
you rescued, if your still alive. They are great for accidents , but your
best bet is to use it as a hammer in a confrontation if you are off your

All of this talk sucks! I carry a gun when i ride, it is illigal most
times, but i don't like the alternatives. When you ride your horse to get
away from things it is very upseting to have to have these concerns.

Run like hell, drive like hell, always keep your head up and your eyes open
and leave yourself an avenue of retreat. Don't get into arguments with
jerks, they will still be jerks when your done anyhow. If you carry a gun,
knife, phone,hammer, comb, keys, hoofpick, use them only as directed in the
event that you cannot do what your hores friend does best, get on down the
trail and vent about those jerks here, rather than to their faces. The
results will be safer, and probably give you more satisfaction.

If you think you are in an unsafe situation, you probably are! leave,
leave, leave.


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