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Re: [endurance] ligament damage

Lori Hayward (lahaywar@ffx.mobil.com)
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 07:32:43 -0500

>In <9600158217.AA821725350@ccmail.apldbio.com>, WarholNW wrote:
> The horse
>> was sound after 2 days but the vet found swelling in the check
>> ligament and the deep flexor tendon. We are currently still icing
>> until Tuesday (one week) and wrapping with Mineral ice, wet
>> handi-wipe, a quilt and a bandage.
>> The leg looks good, the horse is sound, and the vet has recommended
>> 4-6 weeks off to allow the leg to heal. He also recommended
>> taking the horse to Davis where they have a more accurate
>> ultrasound and have the leg re-checked.
>>Has anyone had experience with interior check ligament damage or a
>blister >treatment or have any advice regarding this?
>Four weeks doesn't sound like a very long time. Years ago, my horse
>strained a check ligament. The vet said 2 weeks off. I believe I
>gave him 3 weeks, and he promptly tore the ligament in a conditioning
>ride in rocky terrain. After that he had 3 months off, and has not
>had any problems in the 6 years since. I didn't do much with ice or
>wrapping, and the vet recommended that he be turned out in pasture,
>not left in a stall.
>Karen Steenhof
>Boise, Idaho
My horse recently strained a check ligament and I didn't even
consider ANY riding for 6 weeks and since that have started short
rides at a walk and very little trotting(walking up hills). We'll see
how she does in the next month -- so far no reoccurance. She was
stalled for a week with hand walking and then has been turned out
since except for a few days here and there (such as during the
blizzard of '96!). I don't belive 2 weeks would quite do the trick on a
ligament injury.
Tabriz and "The Kid"
Shenandoah, VA

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