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[endurance] Legalease

Sun, 14 Jan 1996 18:42:06 -0500

It has come to my attention that there is a well-known endurance rider and
her moderately successful friend who are suing for ownership of another man's
horse on the grounds that they have provided the horse with board and care
for a certain length of time. Apparently, the pleasure of riding AND WINNING
on this horse was not enough and they want his horse. I know the man and he
has been thus far unrepresented legally, and is facing a deposition soon to
defend his ownership. It is clear that we now face another nasty pitfall
within our midst. i personally am outraged and would never now consider
loaning or leasing my horse(s) because of this travesty. Whatever these women
think, they are trying to steal another person's proerty. Period. This is by
the way, public information, yet they have wanted us all to keep a lid on it.
No. This should never happen. Owners, beware!