ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Daily Wormer cont.

[endurance] Daily Wormer cont.

Kevin M. Pfoertsch (safehavn@po.fast.net)
Sat, 13 Jan 96 15:13 EST

I consider .50/day to be "pennies" when compared with chondroitan sulfates
such as Flex Free, Synoflex, etc. or some of the other specialty additives
that can run $1.00/day or higher. And the benefits (healthier, better
appetite, etc) seem to outweigh the cost factor. We haven't started this
yet--but my vet is campaigning very heavily for us to consider it (and he
doesn't sell it--it's OTC).

I think I'd rather drop some of the other supplements and go with Strongid
C. We all have to weigh the total costs involved---just a thought.

Diane (you wouldn't believe the snow...but the kids are out having a grand
ole time)