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Re: [endurance]: trotting v pacing

Fri, 12 Jan 96 07:55:57 PST

I don't know about non-gaited horses, but a Tennessee Walker I
exercise has a tendency to pace, and I hate it. It's a definite side
to side motion, very uncomfortable. My Arab has never paced, but I've
seen my dog do it a lot. So maybe it's more comfortable for them, if
not us?

Just a few thoughts.

Linda-Catherine and Magic Jake

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Subject: [endurance]: trotting v pacing
Author: Sue Cunningham <sue.cunningham@mcc.ac.uk> at Imail
Date: 1/12/96 6:18 AM

Someone on the UK-Riders list commented that they thought
that in previous centuries, working long distance horses, such
as couriers or postal were taught to pace rather than trot.
I thought they trotted, and that's where the term 'posting'
came from, they had to rise to the trot 'cause of the speed they
were doing. Anybody know if this is true?

I've only ever seen a pacer once, so I know nothing about them.
Is pacing more comfortable, and what about the relative stresses
put on the horses? Also how do speeds compare, and finally can
a non-pacing horse actually be taught to pace at all?

Just curious,

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