ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] east vs west

[endurance] east vs west

Kevin M. Pfoertsch (safehavn@po.fast.net)
Wed, 10 Jan 96 21:15 EST

To everyone -

Every month I look in the Endurance News and see numerous stories and stats
on horses who have won their umpteenth ride, have reached n thousand miles
by their eighth year of age, but then notice that nearly 100% of these
horses are west of the Mississippi. Sure there are a few horses like that
in the east, but they seem to be the exception, and not the rule. And yet I
see numerous stallions that are approaching 7,8, even 10 thousand career
miles -- all are in the west. Can anybody offer any explanation as to why
eastern horses don't seem to have the longevity? My horse's legs don't look
any different than those of any other horse... Is it a shorter
training/riding season? Can anyone who has competed on both coasts offer
some enlightenment? I know there are rocks out in the Rockies -- I
distinctly remember seeing more than a few when I was in Rocky Mountain
National Park two years ago... Is the footing softer/spongier than eastern
soil? Do you have fewer roads? What is it that enables some of the western
riders to compete a 1000+ miles in a season, when few riders here complete
more than 400 miles in a season? I'd be interested in hearing what everyone
has to say.

Kevin Pfoertsch