ridecamp@endurance.net: Re[2]: [endurance] Withdrawl!!

Re[2]: [endurance] Withdrawl!!

Stacy A Berger (Stacy_A_Berger@ccm.sc.intel.com)
Tue, 09 Jan 96 08:12:00 PST

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Sorry to hear about all the weather related problems outside of California.
Last year we were almost washed away - but this year we are enjoying Spring
like conditions (sunny, temperature in the low 70's)! I hope we aren't headed
for a drought again . . . but this is wonderful riding weather!

This past weekend I joined fellow subscribers Linda Cowles and Helen Harvey on a
wonderful ride at Calero Park. Sallijan Snyder was finishing up when we got
there. We are so fortunate to live in area where the weather doesnt' dictate
our riding times! I guess we are a bit spoiled out here in the winters. But
perhaps it toughens you and your horses up more than us.

I hope all you folks back east in the blizzards are keeping warm and toasty! If
you need a break - come on out to California! There are some good rides on the
calendar in Jan/Feb/ March.

Our summers are fine too! We are priveledged to enjoy year round riding here.

Stacy and Porter

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