ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Had enough bad weather

[endurance] Had enough bad weather

Kevin M. Pfoertsch (safehavn@po.fast.net)
Mon, 8 Jan 96 10:45 EST

Well, I'm afraid the "old salts" in this sport on the East Coast anyway are
buried under up to 3 ft (yes!!) of snow. We have 5' drifts in the backyard.
Our Newfi, Odie, thinks he died and went to heaven. He plows through the
snow that's deeper than he is tall (30" at the shoulder)--maybe I should
hook up a snowplow to his front end.

Anyway...they don't call this sport "endurance" for nothing! I think it has
a lot to do with us "enduring" the elements and being patient.

Kevin & I are ready to make an executive decision about rescheduling our
Mar. 31 Bucks County 50 endurance ride in Eastern PA. We went through this
misery in 1993--couldn't even find our trailer until sometime in April!

Hang in there, read a good book on conditioning and plan for the FALL rides.

Diane, Kevin & a very wet Newfi @ Safe Haven