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Re: [endurance] ties

Stephanie Teeter (step@fsr.com)
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 12:45:24 +0800

Joe - I agree with your frustrations about clocks and synchrony. I've
also had to wait as long as 45 minutes over my hold time until we
got through the line to see the vet. Times like this you have to sit
back and remember why you *really* do endurance:) What it comes down
is that it's an incredible challenge to manage a ride - so many details
and so many unpredictable events. Everyone that rides endurance should
spend some time on the 'other' side - often things are done or not done
simply because they don't know any better, but they're more than happy
to try and do it right. Perspective.


> As for the ties, why not simply add a video camera at the finish
> line. Play the pictures back later and use freeze frame. If it
> still canot er cannot be decided, it is a tie. Furthermore, the
> decision is documented. Have "an impartial committee" review the
> videotape.

> In other words, ride management still has to make decisions when
> unusual situations arise (such as last years ride in Sunland
> when the ride time was extended beyone 12 hours for the 50 mile
> race). It would become there responsibility to decide if the
> race is really a tie or not.

> If 5 riders can finish a 50 mile race as a precision drill team
> and all get a first, my view is that they all deserve the
> credit.

> ------

> By the way, since things about procedures are being discussed,
> how many of the races use battery powered clocks with the large
> faces with the analog hands for the timer when riders leave the
> hold area?

> From the few events that I have been at doing P&R, there have
> been consistent problems with the time drifting. Why is not the
> official time keep with a digital watch and then the analog
> clock can be continually updated.

> As someone else (not on the Internet but in person) pointed out,
> this would be like football (at least a few years ago) where the
> announcement was quite common that the scoreboard clock did not
> keep the official time but that the official time is kept on the
> field.

> ---

> Next question: Why are not all timers/watches synchronized the
> night before or even the morning of the race. Based on my
> limited experience I have seen the times synchronized at each
> vet check/gate hold etc. The problem that I have actually see
> happen is that a vet may move from one place to another. He has
> set his watch. When he is at the next place, his watch may be
> out of sync with the in-times at that check.

> I have actually seen a vet running (yes running) from where he
> was doing the vet check to the where the in-timer was and near
> where the P&R were being done. He then resynchronized his watch
> and there was about a three minute change. (For those that want
> all the details he moved his watch from 11:21 to 11:24). :-)

> Furthermore, there were multiple cases of individuals showing up
> at the out-gate and finding that they had another 5-10 minutes
> (gee, I am slipping in that I never did document the exact
> amount) of waiting. My interpetation of the non verbal response
> of some of the riders is that they were not particularly
> happy. ( I am working on my ability to understate things.
> Wonder if I succeeded with that last statement. :-) ).

> ----

> It seems like some of these things would be zero effort to fix
> and would actually lessen the liklihood of needing to hurry as
> crews are arriving in place before the first riders show up.

> (Oh well, what the heck to I know. After all, it has already
> been stated that these observations are not based on a large
> amount of experience. :-) )

> ---

> enough/too much for now

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> Joe jpu@kaiwan.com