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[endurance] endurance conditioning

Fri, 5 Jan 1996 15:04:37 -0800

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To start a new tangent on the conditioning thread:

Any thoughts about the best conditioning program for a horse recovering from a bowed tendon or any other serious injury?

Specifically, Iım talking about a 100 mile horse that usually top tenned. He bowed a tendon in the fall of 94 (although he was never off, and it was never hot or tender), and was out of work for eight months, then slowly brought back into work (and I mean slowly -- we started with 15 minute daily walks and worked up from there.) Heıs been working for almost 5 months now, completely sound with no sign of a problem. At this point, work consists of whatever we can do between weather and a full time job (itıs discouraging to ride before work when itıs still dark when you finish, and the trails are icy) but we generally get him out 3-4 times a week, from 1-4 hours each time. The longer heıs out, the slower the speed.

We do a lot of moderate speed trotting (25-30 minutes at 8-10mph without stopping), lots of walking and some cantering and galloping, but no serious hill work so far, as we live in a flat area and have to trailer to the mountains. (also not much fun in the icy winter!)

Weıve been fox hunting on weekends, which means being out four hours with some galloping, and a lot of walking and standing around. But itıs a good way to get him out and stretch his legs.

Any ideas of where we should go from here -- how often, how fast, what rides to shoot for in the spring (lds, 50s, 3-day 100s, one-day 100s ?) -- would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.