ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Re: Young horse training fr Oregon

[endurance] Re: Young horse training fr Oregon

Janzen, Christy (cjanzen@sol.uah.ualberta.ca)
Thu, 04 Jan 96 09:04:00 M

Question: this horse was raised in Madras Oregon and taken on long rides
daily for the past six months as well as raised from the yearling years on,
on 150 acres of good sized hills and such...what are any of your opinions
regarding her need for slow training over the next three years?
yet it seems logical that if this horse
was raised doing hard natural endurance work, that my concern for LSD should
be less?

I have found people overestimate the miles they actually do. In addition
horses do not condition themselves (no matter what the terrain). They may
be better balanced - physically and mentally, plus legs may be stronger.
doesn't equate to cardiac fitness or muscle tone. So just start from day
knowing you've purchased an animal that has a good start. Christy