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[endurance] Re: endurance-digest V1 #253

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To All who have read the following forwarded post:

The heart rate monitor mentioned is made from POLAR heart rate monitor components and has
been "adapted" for use on horses. You should get good readings from your horse with this
set-up but the strap system used to hold the monitor against the horse can cause intermittant
readings from the horse. The transmitter must be against the animal at all times for a good
reading. If the transmitter doesn't touch the horse then you will get false readings, usually
indicated by a very high pulse (220 or more) or you could get a pulse every time the monitor
touches the wet skin again. (This gives funny readings usually double what you would expect,
watch your little heart icon pulse)
If you are having this type of intermittant reading troubles you could use the wire electrodes
that are available from Roger Rittenhouse or The Australian Connection for $25. (The Australian
Connection 916-791-1542 or 1-800-847-8521 for orders only)
Also one of the most troublesome drawbacks to this unit is the battery can't be replaced in
the transmitter. So in 2-3 years of use you must buy a new transmitter. Only around $60!
The POLAR components are excellent, were designed for human use, and have been around a few
years. I have had my HRM for 4 years now and really like it. I especially like the way I can see
my horses improving in their conditioning. Also it can tell you when your horse is getting
tired as the heart rates go up for the slightest hill then.

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> From: Kathy Myers <Kathy.MYERS@syntex.com>
> Date: Tue, 02 Jan 1996 14:54:28 -0800 (PST)
> Subject: RE: [endurance] HRM--dual duty?
> The one I got from Santa is a human version
> with a horse modification. )
> Anyways, It's the new EasyRate. It's
> advertised in the Dec End. News. It does
> not come with any bells or whistles but
> it only cost $155 + shipping. ... not
> that I know that... it was a gift! ;-)
> EasyCare Inc.
> 800-447-8836
> Fax 520-297-9600
> or
> Equine Performance Products
> 916-933-5538
> :) :) :) - kat
> kathy.myers@syntex.com
> > So--does anyone know of a heart rate monitor that I could use on
> >both of us? (Not simultaneously).
> > Happy New Year, all.
> > --Charlotte
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