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Re: [endurance] Training the Endurance Horse

Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:13:35 -0500

Boy! If you get any good ideas for how to sandwich riding time in between a
full-time job and a family, let me know! I have a three year old, almost 4,
gelding who would be a wonderful endurance horse. This winter has been very
frustrating, because I never have time to work with him. My husband feeds
all the horses, but doesn't have time to spend fooling with them. This 3
year old is to the point that I can hardly catch him. (Once he's caught he's
a puppy-dog to handle). Am I dreaming to think that when the days get longer
I will have more time to work with him? We'll see. I want to ride in the 12
or 25 mile race in Elk City, ID in September. Wish me luck!