ridecamp@endurance.net: RE: [endurance] HRM--dual duty?

RE: [endurance] HRM--dual duty?

Kathy Myers (Kathy.MYERS@syntex.com)
Tue, 02 Jan 1996 14:54:28 -0800 (PST)

Hi Charlotte!

[I don't have your direct address anymore
so I'll go ahead and post this to the
group... y'all might be interested anyways]

The one I got from Santa is a human version
with a horse modification. It comes with
all of the people hardware and the horse
stuff. So you can use it on your horse
AND yourself... and you can even wash it
in between. It would be very easy to flip
back and forth between human and horse.
(I don't run, myself... but I *should*...)

Anyways, It's the new EasyRate. It's
advertised in the Dec End. News. It does
not come with any bells or whistles but
it only cost $155 + shipping. ... not
that I know that... it was a gift! ;-)

EasyCare Inc.
Fax 520-297-9600


Equine Performance Products

As I mentioned in my other note I've
already tried it out and it worked great.
Good rock and tree detection...

:) :) :) - kat
... guess we know who gets the bills in
this house...

> Awright, gang. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get myself and
>my horse into better condition, so *maybe* I can ride a ride or two instead
>of just judging. (Quit laughing, Crowley!)
> So--does anyone know of a heart rate monitor that I could use on
>both of us? (Not simultaneously).
> Happy New Year, all.
> --Charlotte
>(Currently involved in research on the conditioning/training properties of
>knee deep snow....)
>"The expression in a horse's eye is like a blessing on a good man's house."
> --Sayied iben-el Rabil, quoting the Prophet