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Re: [endurance] Training Protocols

Tue, 2 Jan 1996 13:48:32 -0500

Hi there. As a Mom of 5, and owner of 5 horses, 2 of them endurance horses,
and I work full time, training time is of the essence. We were able to ride
20 and 15 mile training rides this weekend, and my mare did fine. Now I wont
be able to go out on a training ride( other than a few minutes in the arena)
until Saturday. I may be switching over to 12 hour shifts and be able to
train 5 day a week instead of two. Two days of trail is NOT enough time. We
have found a new fire-road trail that goes 5 steady miles from 3500-650 feet.
That should help this year.
I also am interested in any info you get back on what us work outside of
the horse industry poeple are REALLY able to fit into their schedules. If
you could forward that on for the rest of us working class, I would be
So far we are middle of the pack limited distance riders, shooting for
our first 50 soon, and have a 100% completion rate. I am most proud of that.
We are just beginning our 2nd season at this, and have over 250 miles each.
Not bad for beginners.

Good luck, and here's to TEVIS ' 97

Becky Hackworth
Alpine , CA