ridecamp@endurance.net: Re[3]: [endurance] Canceled Rides (fwd) -Pertinent to Graham

Re[3]: [endurance] Canceled Rides (fwd) -Pertinent to Graham

WarholNW (WarholNW@ccmail.apldbio.com)
Fri, 29 Sep 95 09:22:19 PDT

What I heard was trail damage due to rain. (sound familiar?) The ride
goes around the lake on a single track trail that was damaged by the
rains this past winter. They hoped to get the damage repaired before
the ride, but the funds were not available. There is no alternative
route, unless the horses and riders like to swim.


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Subject: Re[2]: [endurance] Canceled Rides (fwd) -Pertinent to Graham
Author: Stacy A Berger <Stacy_A_Berger@ccm.sc.intel.com> at CCMAIL
Date: 9/28/95 4:18 PM

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Does anyone know why the Sonoma 50 was cancelled?
There have been so many cancellations in the West
region this year - 2 Shine or Shines (rain);
Oakland (trail damage due to rain); Tar Springs
(Trail damage due to rain); Capital to Capital 4 day
ride (ride manager temporarily employed overseas);
Western States 55 (trail damage due to rain).

Hopefully this is not a trend . . .

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