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[endurance] Long Distance Horse career

Pierre Bulte (100450.2125@compuserve.com)
29 Sep 95 10:34:32 EDT

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Wendy Milner wrote :
>Date: Thu, 28 Sep 95 12:40:05 MDT
>What do those of you who regularly do 100s think about the above numbers?

More than numbers, the listening of your horse is great.
Our work upgrading should be easier here in France because we have more distances :
60 km : 37.3 m 90Km : 55.9 110 km : 68.36 m and 130 km : 80 miles before 100.
How do you manage 50 to 100 miles gap at 7 ?

>So, until you are really fresh at the end of 50 miles, you
>might not be ready to go on to longer distances.

We must have in mind that a horse can be fresh after a long distance ride (even after 100).
The psychological side of the preparation (strong mental) is as important as the physical side.
Many thanks for input Wendy.
How many years of experience did it take to you to conclude to this 'well mannered' attitude ?